Year of First Wine Basket Wedding Gift

It seems this past year everyone I know has been getting married or having babies.  It is an exciting time and it requires gift giving.  I don’t know about you but I HATE being at a wedding shower and giving the bride exactly what was on her registry just to discover that either the registry didn’t update or someone forgot to give the cashier the registry to update it – and everyone sees the gift duplication.  Equally I hate when the gift I have given is so non-personal and generic that she won’t remember it was from me by the time she gets home.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE wedding and baby registries.  I don’t want to give unwanted gifts and it’s a great way to get what the couple wants most.  On the other hand, where is the surprise and delight of a well thought out gift? 
The solution for a wedding or bridal shower for a couple who enjoy a good class of wine?  The year of firsts wine basket!  I made two of these this past year and they are about as much fun to make and give as it is to stock up your wine fridge.  
These cute poems are a great way to celebrate the entire year with the new couple and to ‘toast’ each of the milestones they experience in the early years of their marriage.  
When I made my baskets I hand wrote all my tags.  Not as cute as they could have been but I am a bit of a last minute person and I had no idea how to work any sort of graphic design software on the most basic of levels.  So I headed to the thrift store for an inexpensive and sturdy basket (more money to spend on wine – duh!) and the craft store to buy some tags.  
I loved customizing my wine picks to the couple and the ‘events’ anticipated in their early years together like a bottle of ‘kitchen sink’ wine to toast their new home and a bottle of local ‘hot dish red’ wine for a Minnesota to serve in recognition of their first dinner party.  
Today I finally got around to making digitals of the wine tags.  You can see the first anniversary tag above – if you have a wedding coming up and want to give a unique and creative gift you can purchase these tags here.
Happy wine hunting!