Toddler Chore Chart – Free Printable

Toddler Daily Task Chore Chart - Free Printable
Toddler Daily Task Chore Chart

A few weeks ago I started a Daily Family Task Chart – and things have been running much more smoothly.  We still have a some work to do before we stop falling behind on house work and fitting everything in our days.  We still have an issue in our house with our three year old.  There are regular power struggles and frankly she doesn’t seem to want to listen any more.  
We have tried to do a little bit of yoga together (more on that later) and while we were seeing some results it doesn’t really last all day and it is a little hard to stay consistent especially when we have so much power struggle going on during the day.  We plan to keep working on keeping the yoga constant because of the laundry list of benefits but something has to change now – And mom and dad need to be on the same page!
The solution?  A check list on her bedroom door.  
Mornings can be crazy around here and now and then we don’t always have the opportunity to communicate about what has and hasn’t happened in the morning routine and by the time the evening rolls around, well who has the time, energy, or brain power to keep up on who has done what.  I am told structure and expectations will help keep a young one ‘in check’ and I am hoping if this makes our days just a little smoother, maybe we can also start an ‘expectations chart’ in order to limit screen time and positively reinforce some good behavior.
Here is the free printable if you choose to use it.
All you rock star mommas out there, what tips and tricks do you have to make your days run smoothly?