Sunny days and Thrift Store Finds

You Guys – the weather today!  It is 63 and beautiful here in the midwest and it is the middle of April – a true windows open, play outside kind of day.

Despite the mountain of work to do in my house and the projects I seem to keep stacking up for myself, today has been so much fun.  The laundry can wait while I make memories.  We started the morning by going on ‘family vacation’ with my parents.  In our family that quite literally is a shopping trip as a whole family to Walmart.  My kids are young enough to love the novelty of shopping with grandma, grandpa, aunite and uncle(s) and they may get a little spoiled – my son was holding onto an oversized box of fruit snacks when we all managed to meet back together at checkout.

Being a Minnesota girl, I grew up shopping at Target and old habits die hard so trips to Walmart aren’t frequent occurrences in my house but every single time we go I am reminded just how much stuff they carry!

That being said I was able to pick up a few things that I needed to complete some upcycle projects I had brought home from the thrift store.  I had two projects on deck – a bird feeder and a side table.  Today we are talking about the bird feeder, tomorrow will be the side table.

I usually don’t gravitate towards these dainty little cups and saucers as they serve no purpose in my house but recently I have been seeing these adorable pins using tableware outdoors to make bird feeders, decorations, and fairy gardens.  I thought this particular cup and saucer would make the most cheery little bird feeder.

I picked up the E6000 and the plant hanging kit from Walmart (while on family vacation of course) for less than $10 and the cup and saucer were about $5.  For about $15 in supplies this is what I ended up with today.

It is just so adorable – it makes me wish we had a few more trees in our backyard, I can just picture a smattering of bright and unexpected teacup bird feeders hanging from the trees.