School year wrap up – free printable

In two short weeks I am about to have a parenthood first – the end of my daughter’s first school year.  Yes, it is only preschool and it was only part time but it feels like a pretty big milestone … and with it we have all the new territory of end of year teacher gift giving.
I am sure a manual exists about these things – what to gift, who to gift it to, when to do it … all the etiquette.  But it all seems so impersonal. 
I will admit I don’t know my daughter’s teachers as well as they know my daughter and I most certainly don’t know them as well as some of the other parents.  Honestly, how did that mom learn not only the number of kids but ages and names of the teacher’s kids?!?!?! Am I just that socially inept?  Was I really supposed to pick up all that information casually at pick up?  Was I supposed to ask her if she had kids of her own?  In my defense the assistant teacher is fairly new to the class – but the head teacher has been there from day one.
So the question of what to get the teacher comes up at Christmas, teacher appreciation week (was I supposed to participate in this week in some meaningful way???) , and now – the end of the year.  But I always come up with the same basic thought – don’t teachers get enough of those cutesy little gifts in a jar, water bottles, and cheesy quote items in their careers?  
Of course they do – but what is left?  Especially as a parent who really doesn’t know the teacher on a personal level.  Enter the generic but ever useful gift card.  I don’t know about you but I always feel like I am taking the easy way out with this gift – so I decided to hand paint this 4 card series.  
I am hoping it gives a homemade, well thought, caring feeling to what I feel is such a cold and impersonal – but practical – gift.  I love the way these turned out.  I hand painted and lettered these in water color.  They aren’t perfect but they are super cute.  I am making all 4 available for you here.  They are designed to be printed as 6×4’s.  There is a cover page, a ‘Thanks a Whole Latte’ page for a coffee shop gift card, a ‘Poppin classroom’ card for a redbox code or movie theater gift card, and an ‘on Target’ gift card for the ever popular Target gift card.
I plan to print a set on card stock for each teacher, affix the gift card, and ‘bind them’ together with a hole punch in the corner and a binder ring.  I also really love the idea of using a gift card or redbox code for the movie card.
I figured I couldn’t be the only mom needing a little boost to her child’s end of year gift.  So I am making them free just below for you!  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.
Now just to figure out gift card amounts!