Pegboard Upcycle

I sew – or I at least like to have a sewing room and make it look as though I sew.  With two kids and a house to manage sometimes things like sewing take a backseat.  Regardless of the frequency I get to sit down at one of my beautiful machines (yes I have several – vintage machines are so nice and usually really cheap to pick up) my sewing space is fully of tools, supplies and fabric to organize.

About a year ago my grandmother was moving out of the home her and my grandfather retired to.  They lived on this peaceful hobby farm that was part of the land my grandpa grew up on.  I always found being up there to be peaceful and centering – my grandma grew up in the same small town so there were strong family ties all around.  Anyway in addition to keeping cows and chickens, my grandpa did a fair amount of wood working.  I have several beautiful pieces of furniture that he lovingly created just for me.

As my grandma was cleaning out the garage there was this large piece of pegboard taken down.  It was dirty and crooked but with a little clean up it looked like the perfect place to hand my scissors, rulers and other sewing tools that I want to keep in easy arms reach.

I washed it, painted it with a ‘metalic’ spray paint and had my dad hang it on the wall.  We used 4 square pieced of reclaimed decking boards in order to keep it a little off the wall so there was space to use hooks and the like.

While the paint helped clean it up it still was crooked and looked just really unfinished.  I was basically left with this large ‘silver’ 46″ X 44″ board in the middle of my wall.  I had this vision in my head that this peg
board would be a utilitarian piece of art not a large imposing blob of metalic in the middle of my wall so this weekend I popped into my local hardware store and grabbed these pretty inexpensive foam boards.

I have never cut these 45 degree angles before but I know the rule measure twice cut once … suffice to say my husband had to make a second trip for me because I cut the right length but in the wrong direction.  Thankfully my husband is amazing and went with only the slightest eye roll.

The next struggle has been figuring out how to adhere them to the peg board.  Obviously they are light and will not be weight bearing so glue seems like a great option … if you have more than one clamp.  I have slowly made my way with my 1 clamp and a make shift clamp out of a pliers and rubber band.  But of course the board slipped with the glue – I tried (at my dad’s suggestion) to staple them in place – until I figured out I can just do 1 piece at a time and ‘make’ a clamp.  Unfortunately the holes from the staples are there and the gorilla glue I was using has ‘foamed’ up where it slipped.  I managed to peel most of it off but it isn’t perfect.  I am actually pretty impressed by the finished product considering I had 1 whole clamp and each side really could have used at least two.

If I embrace the imperfection, the finished product is actually pretty stunning.  I can’t wait to add a few cute baskets and shelves just to get a little more utility out of this nicely framed piece.   At some point I want to change all the hooks, baskets, and shelves to all be white or black to further finish the look – but for now, even when I am just pretending to be a sewer, I love to see the beauty and organization in this space optimizing interesting organization solution.  And when I can finally carve out the time to sew again I know this organization in arms reach of my machines will be a time saver.