Mommy, say you’re sorry.

This week!

I know it is only Wednesday but this week has been a big changer in our family.

This week I went back to work.

This week I went from being at home and accessible to my children, the needs of my family, and the demands of my home more or less 24 hours a day to having at least 4 hours dedicated to my employer.  Not to mention the time it takes to get ready and to drive to work.

This week is a crazy week at work due to some changes taking place – which in turn means what will be my normal every 3 week rotation is looking more like a daily shift.  That shift is mostly in the 4 hour range but the stress of the whole thing is a little more than I anticipated.

Don’t get me wrong, on one hand it is nice to work again.  On the other, I am suddenly a crabby raging something or other who seems to have no energy or time in the day to accomplish … well anything.

In my haste to get out the door – because of course I was running behind – I yelled at my 3 year old.  I basically told her to get a move on or she could just stay home by herself (simmer down, I would NEVER actually do that) but it seems to be effective in getting her moving.  On the way to drop her off with my brother, from the back seat I hear a little voice saying ‘mommy, say you’re sorry’.

You can tell what we are currently working on with her in our house can’t you?

I asked her what for and her response was ‘for hurt my feelings’.

And there went my heart, broken on the floor.  Shattered into a hundred pieces – I try to save the million pieces break for moments like getting stitches/staples, broken bones, broken hearts … big stuff.

Now I have often questioned the extreme kid gloves we use with our children these days.  I mean seriously, what is this ‘preschool graduation’, participation trophies, and banning the blowing of a whistle during recess because it is too aggressive sounding for some children?  Seriously, that’s a thing.  I mean what the actual hell are we teaching kids on the whole?

I’ve also read countless blogs about the beauty of letting kids go at their own pace and not rushing them.  About seeing the world through their eyes, blah, blah, blah.  In theory that is an amazing thing to be able to take the time to do – but let’s remember that as parents our job is to teach them to function in the world.  We are to help them develop a moral compass, an ethical standing, a work ethic, and a code of conduct.  No one wants to be friends or colleagues with the person who is constantly walking with their head in the clouds on their own time.  Dr. offices don’t hold your appointment forever, airplanes don’t wait to take off until you board, and frankly your boss isn’t going to be too thrilled with you coming in an hour or so late every. single. day.

Moral of the story?  Time management matters.

The hardest thing about parenting in my 3 years of experiences is trying to teach your mini me the skills or habits that don’t come easy for you.  We were in such a rush because time management is not my strong suit.  I was yelling because the only thing I struggle with more than time management is patients.

I am working on developing my own planner pages to accommodate all things I need to keep track of in a day – to endure that everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there.  Stay tuned.  As I get some pages underway I will share a little of what I have going in my ultimate planner.