Last day of preschool teacher gifts – gift cards and water bottles

I don’t know where the time has gone.  Four short years ago I was holding the most precious baby and today I saw her off to her last day of preschool – a very concrete milestone to the passing time.  Of course in the last month or so she has made it all that much harder by her never ending conversation about how soon she will be ‘this many’ (as she holds up all the fingers on one of her sweet little hands) and she excitedly discusses kindergarten despite the year of pre-k she is going to complete first.  
But with the passing of this milestone we had to address the teacher gift question for the first time (what do you get, how much do you spend, which teachers do you get for?)  With my daughter’s help we managed to settle on gift cards and personalized water bottles filled with M&Ms. 
I think they turned out awesome!
To get started, we gathered the following supplies:
I used the cricut and sophisticated cartridge to cut out the first letter of each of my daughter’s teachers names – just make sure you follow the directions for your machine and your vinyl.  I had heat transfer vinyl on hand so that’s what I used and then let my daughter do mod podge over the letter to give it extra sticking power and make it dishwasher safe in 28 days time.  

We filled each water bottle with M&Ms – apparently a favorite as a stash for the preschool teachers – and added a gift card for Starbucks, Target, and Redbox codes to the free printables.

I punched some holes into the cards and used the ribbon to secure it all to the bottle. 

I am pretty confident that not only was this a gift they can use but also a gift they won’t get a ton of from the other students.  

One year down … many years to go.  Share your best go to teacher gifts in the comments.  Bonus if you are a teacher and can give insight into useful gifts you love to receive. 
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