Kid’s picnic table revamp

You guys!  It’s garage sale season!  Possibly one of my favorite times of the year.  I love finding little treasures for my home, to reclaim, or to just resell and make a little profit.  As a bonus my daughter loves estate sales, the thrift store, and garage sales.

My thrifting really got underway when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I was working a really cushy corporate job but had a hard time justifying the full price of infant clothes that she would wear for a month at most.  And then her first summer rolled around and it pained me to think about buying any outdoor items even though I still wanted her to have fun things to do outside.  After a few seasons the outdoor things are always faded and ‘worn’.  And living in the midwest, our changing seasons are HARD on outdoor toys.

Any way I picked up a picnic table for my daughter a few years back.  It was faded yellow and orange.  Other than the very weathered color the table was in great shape … but it was ugly.  I wish I had a ‘before’ picture to share because it was bad, but I didn’t plan ahead.

After painting a free patio set my in-laws picked up for us last fall, I decided it was time to make this little set match.

I am constantly amazed by what a little time and 2 cans of spray paint can do.  This project isn’t done just yet though.  I am currently searching for an appropriate sized table umbrella.  If I can find one, I am going to drill a hole in the center and make a nice little picnic spot for the kids.  
I still have a full size picnic table to redo – likely in the same colors.  It is old, very faded, and a bit rusty but some time and paint we will have a bright cheery theme with our coordinating lawn furniture.