If you give a mom a minute


If you give a mom a minute

If you give a mom a minute, she will probably ask for a glass of wine.

The choice between red or white will remind her of the tomato-stained shirt she has soaking in the laundry room. She’ll ask if you can watch the kids while she throws it into the wash.

When she opens the washer to toss in the pre-treated shirt, she’ll have to move the freshly washed clothes to the dryer.

When she opens the dryer, she’ll remember she already switched out laundry once today and start folding the freshly dried clothes.

After the clothes are folded, she’ll bring the basket upstairs. She’ll see the kids having a great time playing with you and just go put the folded clothes away ‘real quick’.

In her kids’ room’s she’ll step on a toy and realize the room needs a quick tidy.

After the tidy-up, she’ll try to put the laundry basket on the bed. She’ll realize the bed is unmade and make it.

While she is putting away the laundry, she’ll find the dresser drawers are all out of order. She’ll restore order to the dresser.

With only towels left in the laundry basket, she’ll head to the bathroom. Once there she’ll be reminded that she can’t recall the last time she soaked in the tub and she’ll ask for a minute to soak.

And chances are if you give her a minute, she’ll ask for a glass of wine …