Identity – Organizing a household with printable

Driving the other day, my mind started to wander just a little bit.  I have been thinking about starting up this particular blog for some time and have been giving a lot of thought to how to organize and focus such a project.  I thought an introduction – a hello – would be the appropriate place to start.  And of course that requires the obligatory run down of who I am.
This is where the wandering comes in.  I started something like this – I am a mom to two amazing kids.  My husband and I met … but is that who I am?  Not really.  That tells you only a few things about me;
  1. I wipe noses and change diapers on a daily basis 
  2. That I have a legally binding contract to another human that says we are married
But that isn’t who I am.  So I started again, and didn’t arrive at anything much more successful.  It went something like this; I enjoy sewing, crafting, cooking and learning.  Okay, so maybe there was a little more success and we got just a little closer but those things, while true, paint a picture (at least in my mind) that just don’t really match who I am. 
How exactly does this translate into organizing my household?  
Well here is the thing – my life is messy and busy … and I like it that way.  But I also crave (sometimes intensely so) brining organization to the messy busy life.  I still believe (as I quickly leave my twenties and approach a new decade in my life) finding that balance, that secret formula that allows me to be all the things I am – a mom, a sewist, a writer, a lover of creativity and problem solving, a wife, a philosopher, an educator, a student (you get the picture) – without having to feel like I missed those mundane mom moments that are vital to young children and will eventually be what makes the memories we will cherish into old age.
There is always room for improvement and my biggest area of opportunity at the moment is household tasks.  I know what needs to be done, but not everyone else in the household knows what needs to happen and we don’t always see each other to communicate what has been done until it is time to get kids into jammies, teeth brushed, and bedtime stories read.  
So started my journey to organization.  I stayed up until an unreasonable hour one night putting together a printable to-do list.  We have a wall in our kitchen for keys, the menu board, and two frames for shopping lists.  The two frames used as white boards for grocery items was excessive – so I replaced them with our new ‘family to-do’s’.  The two pages includes daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks and a nice little space for needing shopping items.  While keeping up to date on house hold chores is an ongoing effort, we have definitely made some serious improvements.  Check out the list and feel free to print it here.

Printable House Hold Cleaning List
Up next – figuring out how to organize all of our calendaring needs.  With me going back to work – even part time – and being a single vehicle household, organization and communication of schedules is going to be vital!