How to Remove a Set Butter Stain From Clothing

No matter how hard you try there are some clothing stains that are just too hard to get out of clothes right?  The thing is I like to think that if I just try hard enough I can basically do just about anything – so when my sister asked if I could try and get this butter stain out of her dress, I had to try.
For stains like this, pinterest is my go to source – and I was not disappointed.  I found this pin for removing oil stains from clothes.  She suggests using WD-40 and despite my knowledge of chemistry and the rule of like dissolves like, I was terrified that spraying WD-40 on this dress would make it even worse … then again what did I really have to loose here, no one was wearing the dress as it was now.  The dress with the offending stain is 97% polyester and 3% spandex – the tutorial I used said she used this technique on cotton but not yet any other fabric, so I proceeded with skepticism.
The first step is to spray the stain with WD-40.  You’ll notice that the before picture is darker than the after … this is in part due to lighting and in part due to the fact that my husband had thrown the dress in with our wash and I had taken the wet dress out of the dryer – so this stain was well set.  The WD-40 (or really any sort of oil would probably work just fine) is meant to dissolve the set oil so that the next step will be able to capture that oil – but it sure seems counter intuitive.

At this point I was freaking out just a little … I mean what the heck did I just do?!?!?!  But there is no turning back now.  So I sprinkled on a TON of baking soda on the spot and scrubbed it in with a toothbrush – I used a ton of baking soda and brushed off the excess into the sink.

Next I used some Palmolive with Oxy and dawn dish soap and used a paste of baking soda and water to ‘suds up’ the soap.  I rinsed it off before dropping it into the washer just to limit the amount of sudsing agent that gets into the washer.  I dropped it in with a seventh generation laundry pod.

I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out – you’d never know it had been there in the first place.  
When I pulled this out of the wash I did a little happy dance – BEST. LAUNDRY. DAY. EVER.
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