How to Remove Liquid Foundation From Your Clothes

How to remove liquid foundation from clothes
Accidents happen but this trick will help you get the worst makeup stain out of your favorite top.

Last month my sister messagedme asking me if I could get the half stick of butter she spilled on her dress out – you can read all about it and the results here.  This month she had a new challenge for me.  Could I get her liquid foundation out of her white shirt?

how to remove liquid foundation from your clothesI like a challenge so, I told her I’d be willing to try.  Having no clue where to start I thought about makeup remover – how the best ones seem to be the 2 layer liquids.  That lead me to conclude the foundation must be some sort of oil like base.  So I googled what is liquid foundation composed of and discovered that most have a pig oil base, among other things.

Now armed with this knowledge, I decided to have a go at the stain using some WD-40, baking soda, dish soap (I used a generic dawn because it is what I had handy), and a toothbrush.

Y’all, it worked like a stinking charm.

how to remove liquid foundation from clothes

So here is how I banished the foundation from my sister’s white shirt:

  • Placed a piece of cardboard between the layers of the shirt – try to find just plain brown cardboard, I originally used the printed side of a waffle box and it added a nice bright yellow to the stain.  I just made sure to fold it in half with the plain sides out.  And don’t skip the cardboard because it will just cause the oil to soak through the shirt to the back side.
  • Spray the spot with WD-40.  The idea is that the oil will dissolve the oil base of the foundation (like dissolves like) making it possible to absorb off the shirt.
  • Speaking of absorbing – I coved the now fresh oil with baking soda and got to work scrubbing with my toothbrush.  Because I wanted to be sure I removed all the oil I did this a few times.
  • I next brushed of the baking soda into my sink and applied a little dish soap to the shirt – dish soap is designed to cut grease so I figured it had to help.  I also added a little water and dish soap to the baking soda in the sink to make a paste.  I used the paste to suds up the shirt.
  • Finally I rinsed my work and threw the shirt into the was with a laundry pod. 

After and wash and dry the shirt was like new.  Now if only I could figure out how to easily get my dingy grey socks to be white again!


If you attempt this laundry trick, I recommend using a small test spot first to see how your garment will react.

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