Beer Labels For Dad – Free Printable

This year for father’s day we went on a total DIY adventure – read about the dresser to kitchen island upcycle we did here – and the results were pretty great.

Free beer label printable pin

It all started when I saw this awesome wood bottle carrier in the one spot at Target.  It had a built in bottle opener to boot.  The price was totally great (I picked it up for like $7) and decided this had to be part of our father’s day gift.

I thought it would be really great to give my dad a gift he’d enjoy but would regularly get himself – so some ‘fancier’ beers sounded like they would fit the bill.  And because I love to personalize basically everything, I set to work on 6 different beer bottle stickers.

Our family teases a lot so of course the labels were a great opportunity to both tease and appreciate our dad.  The printables I am sharing here (free!) are less specific (not everyone has a squirrel capturing hobby) but still super fun.

We are lucky to have a local liquor store that is independently owned and has the most helpful staff.  I went in and one of the guys helped me pick 6 beers that are bottles my dad wouldn’t normally buy himself but is likely to enjoy based on his typical purchases.

I got the bottles home and used a hair dryer to mostly remove whichever labels I wanted to preserve to show my dad what the beer was and then threw the bottles into my sink filled with hot water (that is important) 1/2 cup of baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar.

I let them sit for a while and then I used a hand crocheted scrubbie to wash away the labels.  Most of them came right off but there were 2 bottles that were a little more stubborn.  For those I used a little acetone.  I applied it to the stubborn residue with a cotton ball for one and just poured it over the bottle for the other.  Put the bottles back in the water for another soak and scrubbed again.  About 10 minutes later I had 6 clean beer bottles.

Next was to print the labels.  I used these ones that I ordered off of Amazon and my home printer.  Since becoming a stay at home mom of 2 very independent kids (at least when we are out shopping or in other inconvenient places for them to want to walk themselves) I have fallen more and more in love with Amazon … but I digress.

Be sure to check the directions on the labels – sounds silly, I know, but I didn’t read first and just printed like a normal sheet of paper.  They turned out fine but by fingers were a mess and the top layer of ink could be rubbed off … not ideal.  Turns out I should have (duh) set my printer to photo printing because of the shiny surface of the labels.  Lesson learned!  I was still able to use the labels so not all was lost.

Next I cut and apply the labels to the bottles.  And it was ready to go.  Easy as that.


It was a really fun and easy gift to give and for the dad who enjoys trying our a new brew or doesn’t often treat himself to more premium brands, it makes a great gift for father’s day, holidays, birthdays, or really any gift giving opportunity.

If you are looking for wine labels, I offer wedding themed ones in my shop.

What are your favorite gift giving items?  Let me know in the comments.  I am always on the hunt for new creative ideas.


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    1. Hi Hannah –

      Thank you! – If I had to brew my own I think these would never exist. It sounds like so much work! Just a quick stop at the liquor store and 10 minutes got me nice clean bottles to put the stickers on!

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